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We work with experimental video and video mapping projections and have several projects currently under development.



Kristin´s ´Horse´video

installation is bought into

Kistefoss Museum´s permanent collection.

With the participation of Kristian Ringnes, Kristin´s amazing ceiling video-projection is now on permanent display at the Kistefoss Museum of Art. Come and see it when you can!

A Whale Shark under Your Feet? 

This project is an interactive projection on Tromsø skating rink.


Featuring a fantastic underwater world projected on the 10 by 30 meters skating surface, the project invites the skaters to come into contact with the fantastic sea underworld of planet Earth - threatened by our massive pollution.


Created with the support of the Innovation Section of the Oslo Culture Department and Tromsø Film Institute


The show will take place

during TIFF 2020.

Concept Development

Oslo City erected an information pavillion to exhibiting the prospects of the city development project - Fjordbyen. Norwegian Toolbox (NTB) developed the following concept in order to communicate the exhibit to a wider audience:

We suggested to bring the exhibit from the inside to the outside of the pavillion. We suggested projecting the content of the exhibition onto the outer walls.


Combined with video mapping elements, we wanted to create the illusion of a living, moving structure.

Bjørvika Information                     Pavillion   

Oslo Opera & the Constitution Jubilee

In connection with the Bicentennial celebration of Norway´s constitution we have developed a possible projection for Oslo´s iconic Opera house.


Featuring a scrolling projection of the original constitution document on the Opera walls, this project was to feature both the first and 2014 versions of the historic document.


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