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One of our products is  the conception and production of exhibitions for a network of Norwegian and foreign museums.

Browse below for a quick peek!

Collaboration with the Nobel

             Peace Center

Invited to collaborate on the Nobel Peace centers´ exhibitions on the historic peace prize given to nazi critic Carl Von Ossietsky, we helped commemorate a brave man´s fight against fascism. 


The exhibition was developed in cooperation with the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg,  support from Fritt Ord, Goethe-Institut,The Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s gift reinforcement programme and the UNESCO-commission.

Dr Proctor's "Animals You Wish Did Not Exist"

Based on a children´s book series by Jo Nesbø, we produced this exhibition for Try AS and Aschehoug Publishing House. Originally thought of as a novel way to promote the books, the exhibition became something of its own phenomenon, grabbing media headlines and attracting nearly every second child in Oslo.


Based on creatures encountered in Jo Nesbø´s universe, it features the likes of the Moon Chameleon (a hemorrhoid-ridden simian who collects your socks at night) and the Elephant Snail. Doctor Proctor´s "Animals You Wish Did Not Exist"  is a voyage into a wonderful universe of fantasy, horror and humor.


The exhibit "Animals You Wish Did Not Exist" is currently touring Norway. If you are interested in renting the exhibition (whether in Norway or abroad) please get in touch with our daily manager Kristin Gunther.


Ida & Gastornis

Commissioned by the Museum of Natural History of Oslo, this exhibition is about our long lost relative: the monkey girl Ida. Shown escaping the clutches of the giant bird Gastornis, Ida was reconstructed in every detail: down to the fear in her eyes!


Working with Museum experts we were able to combine artistic effects with science.


We made altogether three reconstructions of little Ida, one being on permanent display in the museum today. 




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